Hoorah! Fall is here and along with cooler weather we are finally able to implement A Brush with Kindness projects with volunteers. On October 15th and 22nd, employees from FirstBank helped to clear years of overgrown from the yard of an elderly couple in Palm Desert. The volunteers worked for four hours on each project transforming the yards from blight to beautiful.

“…we had just come through a difficult period due to a physical problem and I remember feeling overwhelmed… I felt a genuine sense of despair. Then one afternoon, there came a knock on our front door. I was greeted by two of the kindest, friendliest faces I’d seen in a long time… they said they were looking for properties that might be right for their services and asked if I thought I could use some help cleaning up my front and back yard… I remember repeating over and over, “you’re kidding. But they weren’t kidding…”