Thanks to local residents, 2022 was a banner year for the Cars for Homes donation program. We received nearly $27,000 from the sales of donated vehicles from January to November, and we are hoping to see more from December proceeds.
The vehicles were donated by residents from Palm Springs to Indio, La Quinta to the High Desert, and they were all sizes and models. The smallest was a beloved 2008 3-cylinder Smart Car. The owner said, “I loved my blue smart car! I enjoyed making people smile and laugh when I went by. Just made the world a happier place.” Throughout the year, another 17 local owners donated their vehicles to Habitat among them was Mark, who turned over the keys to his 2008 Cadillac CTS and Scott, who bid farewell to a 1997 Toyota Corolla.
Because the program is run by Habitat International, your local Habitat does not incur any cost or employee time in the process. That means all the proceeds go to building and repairing and none to administration. That translates into so many more people we can help. Thank you, donors!
To learn more about our Cars for Homes program, please click here.