Tucked away in our warehouse is a workshop for some special volunteers we refer to as the Tech Team. These guys help us out with all sorts of projects from assembling merchandise to building display racks and bins.
Larry and Glenn (in the photo) have been volunteering with Habitat for over 5 years in the ReStore and in the field with A Brush with Kindness. Larry is a retired orthopedic nurse who flees the heat to a little town in northern California for the summer. He noted, that after retiring, there was only so much he could do to keep busy in his garage so Habitat keeps him busy doing something he loves.
Glenn started out his Habitat volunteer career in Chicago after retiring from investment consulting. When he discovered the Coachella Valley has a Habitat, he stopped by and joined up. Glenn retreats to Idaho for the summers but from November through April is always available to help out in the ReStore or, (his favorite,) an ABWK project.
Since they and several other of our loyal volunteers leave during the summer month, we miss them and eagerly await their return in the Fall.